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The Power of an Hour


LVN is a charity that asks professionals to volunteer one hour of time to inspire young people.


“Ones ability is heavily dependent on their connections and social networks (Vygotsky 1987)”. The LVN mission is to bring to young people, from disadvantaged backgrounds, a network that is usually only afforded to middle class young people. LVN helps to build the networks of vulnerable young people by asking adults to donate one hour of their time to help inspire the hopes of the next generation. 

We have worked with educationalists and behaviour scientists to create a series of engagement programs that maximise on the power of the hour. In addition LVN have developed a signposting app to ensure young people are aware of all support available. LVN is a Not-for-Profit organisation. We believe in a sharing economy. We ask adults to share their knowledge and expertise with the less advantaged.

The LVN App has three core functions

  1. Easy for volunteers to sign up
  2. Outreach & support tool for youth
  3. Help young people find opportunities


Use the LVN App to find out what is going on in your area. We feature events, projects and courses, apprenticeship opportunities and much more.

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Young People

LVN puts you in control. Attend LVN events to access the support and assistance you need. One-2-One mentoring sessions,  or group workshops

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LVN offers a foot-in-the-door approach to volunteering. Find out how your hour can collectively make a difference to a young person.

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Host Centres

LVN deliver from community and youth centres. Find out more 

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Team LVN will help to deepen your engagement with young people. Use the LVN App to find volunteers that fit the needs of young people in your care.

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Every pound counts. Can you donate one hour of your salary? Or maybe you could help to raise funds to deliver LVN in new borough or city. 

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