Power of an Hour

Our Values

We unite: We inspire the community to join behind young adults.

We are compassionate: At LVN everyone matters. We do not judge, everyone is accepted, and we nurture individual needs.

We are innovative: We look for smart solutions in everything we do. We are agile, imaginative and dynamic.

We are bold: We liberate thinking, challenge bias and build resilience. Everyone has the ability to be courageous.

We are optimistic: We offer everyone inspiration and hope.

Our Guiding Principles

We are practical:
We focus on action.
We maximise technology and resources.
We prepare young adults with life skills.

We are fair:
We address inequality, injustice and bias.
We expose opportunities and pathways.
We make industry knowledge accessible.

We are encouraging:
We celebrate the talents of everyone.
We instil the power of self-belief and the art of the possible.
We focus on the positive and turn I can’t into I can.

We are inclusive:
We invite everyone to participate, contribute and benefit.
We collaborate, networking is our DNA.

Our Location

Business Design Centre

52 Upper Street, N1 0QH

Registered Charity 1161275

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