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The LVN app puts all youth opportunities together in one place. We make it easier for you to find relevant support.


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LVN is FREE to all grassroots and youth provision services. Funding received goes towards app maintainance & training more youth & community leaders to deliver LVN ‘Passport to Progression’

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Use the LVN app to show young people support available in your area.



Youth Clubs

Use the LVN app to find your local youth centre. Youth centers are a safe places for you to get the support you need. All the youth centres on our app are run by friendly people. They are on hand to support you

Employability Support

Across London there are lots of provisions available to help you prepare for the working world. Search employability support on the app to find out what’s available to you


Look out for apprentiship opportunities on the app. If you need help with filling out the form or you would like to meet someone already in that particular industry then why don’t you sign up to meet with an LVN volunteer at one of our host centre? Our volunteers are here to help you

Pop-up Events

This is your opportunity to tell us whats going on? Are you aware of an event or opportunity a young person 16-24 would be interested in? Get in touch to tell us more

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