Who are Local Village Network?

Our Story

Local Village Network is a grassroots charity set up in 2015. Founder Rachael Box and a team of volunteers worked with over 300 young people to create a series of programmes that put young people in control of their future.

Now we run our programmes in schools and youth clubs across London, offer online mentoring via our app, and have a database of over 2300 opportunities and activities for young people listed on our app and website.

Our Purpose

Local Village Network’s purpose is to ensure that every young person has access to positive networks and an equal chance to reach their full potential.

Our Guiding Principles

We are practical:
We focus on action.
We maximise technology and resources.
We prepare young adults with life skills.

We are fair:
We address inequality, injustice and bias.
We expose opportunities and pathways.
We make industry knowledge accessible.

We are encouraging:
We celebrate the talents of everyone.
We instil the power of self-belief and the art of the possible.
We focus on the positive and turn I can’t into I can.

We are inclusive:
We invite everyone to participate, contribute and benefit.
We collaborate, networking is our DNA.

Developing the Local Village Network Model: Evidence Based Design

We previously worked with behaviour scientists at Ogilvy Change and educationalists to create programmes that maximise the benefit of one hour of time – we call this The Power of an Hour.

Although one hour may not seem much, our theory of change states that an average of 10 interactions between a young person and professional adults outside their usual network is enough to change their life path. 

As a result of our extensive work with tutors and students at City & Islington college (C&I), feedback and collaboration from young people has informed the development of our programmes and services. C&I students have collaborated with LVN on many projects including testing, creating an advertisement of the app and putting on community events. Read the full article here. 

“Countering network poverty as a precursor to gang membership: bridging and social capital through temporary migration research and practice” – LVN CEO Rachael Box & Robert F. Hesketh, Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University. Paper available here.

Our Vision

LVN brings social cohesion and positive networks to all young people.

Our programmes generate positive influence by enabling everyone to play their part to help raise productive, happy and successful young people.

Our Values

We unite: We inspire the community to join behind young adults.

We are compassionate: At LVN everyone matters. We do not judge, everyone is accepted, and we nurture individual needs.

We are innovative: We look for smart solutions in everything we do. We are agile, imaginative and dynamic.

We are bold: We liberate thinking, challenge bias and build resilience. Everyone has the ability to be courageous.

We are optimistic: We offer everyone inspiration and hope.

Thank You To Our Supporters

Since our beginnings in 2015, Local Village Network has been supported by a wonderful range of organisations who have been generous with pro-bono advice, funding and volunteer mentoring.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to do so. You are helping us bring the power of positive networks to disadvantaged young people all across London. As a small grassroots charity, your support has been invaluable.

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