We are regularly updating the LVN app. Before we get started, please ensure that you have either automatic updates on OR you’ve deleted your version and installed the latest edition. The App Troubleshooting FAQ provides further suggestions if you’re still experiencing issues.

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I’m having trouble creating an account or signing in 

LVN are regularly updating the LVN app. Before we get started, please ensure you have either automatic update on OR you’ve deleted your version and installed the latest edition.  

  • Make sure you’ve completed all the required information.  
  • Check that your password is more than 6 characters 
  • Check that you’re using the latest version of the app. If you go to your phone’s app settings, you can see whether the LVN app is set to automatically update. 
Does my device meet the minimum system requirements for the LVN app?

The LVN app is available on Android and Apple Phones requires a device with the following minimum operating systems: 
Apple: iOS 10+ 
Android: 10 

I've tried your suggestions and I'm still having problems

If you are still having problems, please help LVN investigate by emailing us with as much information as possible. As a small charity, some glitches can be missed as we need to test each function with every type of phone on the market.  

Please complete our troubleshooting form.

  • When does the problem occur? E.g. during signup, when you click on a button?  
Privacy and Security

LVN is committed to ensuring your personal data is protected. You can view our App privacy Policy to learn how LVN collects, uses and shares your personal information, in relation to the LVN App.

Have suggestions for how we could improve?

We are always open to feedback. We want to offer an excellent service. You can contact us at knowmore@lvn.org.uk

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