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Youth practitioners, work coaches and tutors can receive training to run LVN Power of an Hour sessions for their young people, providing them with positive professional networks. The LVN model has the young person at the heart of it. Developed in collaboration with young people, the Power of an Hour programme is designed to provide them with advice and support for their ideas in bite-sized sessions. This also matches how volunteers told us they want to give their time. Power of an Hour sessions do not exceed one hour and can be delivered wherever and whenever, bringing enormous flexibility to the young person’s journey.  

The Power of an Hour programme brings you an off the shelf system that enables you to deliver an exceptionally varied programme of activity. With hundreds of volunteers already signed up to give an hour, we take the stress and time out of managing volunteersLVN gives you a wealth of resource at your fingertips so that you can respond to the needs of your youth 

How the Power of an Hour helps young people

We know that young people are individuals who need tailored support with homework, interview preparation, or simply exploring their options and getting advice and insights on different industries and careers.  

We’ve developed the Power of an Hour programme to help you support your young people. There are already hundreds of volunteers signed up volunteer their time. These include personal trainers, musicians, lawyers, programmers, entrepreneurs, self-employed IT professionals, builders, teachers, nurses and more. 

LVN volunteers can answer questions, share their career journey, advise on how to enter their industry, and sometimes even offer work experience or internships. You can also organise 1-2-1 sessions for your youth to meet a volunteer who can provide CV writing advice, homework support and more. 

Our support is deliberately youth-led. Your young people are in control of their journey and can request specific support and receive as many hours as they need. 

The hours they receive will grow their confidence, develop life skills and help them find direction. 

Is LVN youth practitioner training right for you?

LVN Practitioner training is available for anyone with a minimum of 2 years’ experience working with young people aged 14-24. This includes statutory service providers; youth and social workers and youth practitioners such as college tutors and teachers. 

LVN training is suited to those practitioners looking to support young people in building their networks; finding their interests and planning for their future by developing their understanding of the world of work and the range of employment opportunities that exist and the skills needed to access these. 

What do practitioners get out of LVN training?

LVN training entitles participants to access the LVN Volunteer Management System and to join the LVN Practitioners Network. The network, which meets three times a year, is aimed at capturing and sharing best practice in the mission to offer all young people equal access to positive networks.  

The course contributes to continuing professional development. It will help build on your own networks, skills and knowledge of the range of youth services available and introduce you to new development aides and prompts. 

LVN training will increase the range of services practitioners can offer

Through LVN training, Practitioners will:

  • Build confidence in delivering LVN’s Power of an Hour programmes 
  • Understand the LVN Personal Development Plan (Positive Pathways Package) 
  • Share best practice and information on how to maximise the hour volunteers give 
  • Learn how to make LVN sessions more engaging, exciting, relevant, interactive and impactful 
  • Learn about the functions and benefits of the LVN app and how to apply these to support young people and enable them to get the most out of volunteers and signposted services 
  • Discuss possible barriers to success and how to overcome these 
  • Grow and build networks 
Getting Started

LVN training workshops take place every quarter. Meet with other LVN Practitioners delivering the LVN model, share best practice and ensure that safeguarding and the progression of young people is always at the front of your mind.

Before LVN Practitioners can start their delivery of the LVN Power of an Hour, LVN must first receive and approve their organisation’s completed Host Centre Agreement form and subsequent signed LVN Practitioner Agreement. 

If you’d like to receive LVN practitioner training, please email

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