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Everyone can do something to contribute from donations of an hour of time or an hour of your salary, to running a small class, to helping us startup in a new area.

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Donate an hour of your salary

All donations go towards delivering more LVN events

We are a small grassroots charity; our overheads are low helping us to be very cost effective.

Give a One-Time Gift

Donations help cover the cost of our Industry Insight sessions or the printing of our personal development plans.

Fund a new centre

Passport to Progression

Help us train more youth and community leaders to deliver our model. We teach how to maximise on adults giving time, how to network effectively and how to support a young person discover their interests.

Request a fundraising pack

You can help us raise funds by hosting your own events such as cake or car boot sales.

The Need for LVN

The following article, originally published on The Conversation, was written by Dr. Robert F. Hesketh, Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University. For more information like this, see the violence prevention news feed. Click the image to read more…

Image of four silhouetted people on a sunset with the caption of "At risk youth exposed to new networks are less drawn to gangs

2.7M 14-24 y/o’s live in poverty

We can only help to break the poverty cycle if we support young people to access help.

7/10 Jobs are not advertised

We help to level out the playing fields by giving young people from deprived communities access to a network only normally afforded to middle class young people.


Knife & violent crime is rising

The LVN theory of change outlines that young people are less likely to get involved in anti-social behaviour if they have access to better networks.

Learning outside of school

Many of the young people we work with live in overcrowded accomodation. As such, LVN endevour to open up community venues to create a constructive space for young people to learn.

Prison population

Did you know it costs £40,000 per year to send a young person to prison? Many of the young people in the criminal justice system find it difficult to fill out applications so we ask adults to help with this task.

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