Thank you for donating your Power of an Hour to the young people who need it. Collective hours given have a significant impact on the lives of the young people we work with and it’s fantastic to have you onboard. Most importantly, we want your hour to be fun, rewarding and safe.

We’ve collected lots of helpful information to help you on your way. Below you will find links to useful resources and guidance to help you prepare for your session and to maximise your hour.

Key safeguarding rules to remember:

  • The LVN trained practitioner is responsible for supervising Power of an Hour sessions at all times so you will never be left alone with a young person.
  • All contact between yourself and a young person must be via a Youth Practitioner, so not give your personal contact details to any young person (this includes email, phone and social media). Please inform a Youth Practitioner if a young person gives you their contact details or adds you on social media.

The safety of Young People and peace of mind of Volunteers is very important to us. If you are ever concerned about anything before, during or after giving your Power of an Hour, please don’t hesitate to speak to the LVN practitioner from the session or contact LVN directly at knowmore@lvn.org.uk.


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