Straight Talking

Straight Talking employs and trains Teenage Mothers and Young Fathers to educate young people about early parenthood, relationships, knife crime and other issues that affect young people’s lives, preventing them from making the same mistakes and keeping them safe from harm. 


We run courses in secondary schools to enable pupils relate to the complex issues of teenage pregnancy, the life-changing consequences of early parenthood, child sexual exploitation as well as healthy relationships.

We work with peer educators – young people from a similar age, background or social culture to inform pupils in schools about issues that have affected them personally.


The Prevention Project includes two peer education courses that fit into key stage 3 and 4 in secondary schools as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) programmes. 

Both courses have a range of interactive and fun activities that are presented to 13-17 year old pupils by well trained and confident peer educators, who have themselves been teenage parents and are able to talk about the realities of teenage parenthood from personal experience.


We see teenage parents as capable, resilient and valuable members of our community who have necessary skills and experiences to impact the wider community

We tap into these existing skills by employing and training the young parents as peer educators.

Our training approach enables these youths to develop a broader range of transferable workplace skills that can help them gain well paid employment in the wider job market.