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The Need for LVN

The Need for LVN

“Countering network poverty as a precursor to gang membership: bridging and social capital through temporary migration research and practice” – LVN CEO Rachael Box & Robert F. Hesketh, Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University. Paper available here

Young People in Poverty: 50% of the poorest young people are in 20% of the worst performing schools.

It’s who you know that counts: Only 3 in every 10 Jobs are advertised (Pre-Covid) – 85% of vacancies filled by networking.

Single Parents time poor: London has the highest rate of single parents

Too many young people left behind: London: 60,000 aged 16–24-year-olds are NEET

Young people with nowhere to go: 2012-16: 600 youth centres closed; 3,500 youthwork jobs cut and 140,000 young person places cut

Youth mental health issues increasing: 50% of mental health problems established by age 14, 75% by age 24

Prison population too young: England: 25% of prison inmates are aged 20-25  at a cost of £40,000 per annum for each inmate

Many of the young people we work with live in overcrowded accommodation. LVN endeavour to open up community venues to create a constructive space for young people to learn.

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