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At Local Village Network we know that networks are crucial. A lack of networks is a significant and serious barrier to progression and employability. Our purpose is to ensure that every young person has access to positive networks and an equal chance to reach their full potential.

We create significant social change by mobilising positive influences in the community and local organisations to support underprivileged young people in London into employment. We improve social mobility, removing barriers and increasing educational achievement by giving them access to a wide range of professional networks and opportunities they wouldn’t usually have.


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Context: Good networks significantly increase your chances of finding employment. When coupled with the fact that statistically only 3 in every 10 jobs are advertised and that 50% of our poorest young people are in 20% of the most underperforming schools, you start to see why. Increasingly, a lack of professional networks is being used as a new measure of poverty.

Intervention: There are 2 streams to our Amplify Me programme

Stream 1: Mass engagement with all year 8, 9 or 10 students. All students in the year group attend 6 assemblies where our mentors will talk about their career journey and their specific sector.

Stream 2: 6-week intervention programme called Amplify Me. This carefully designed intervention enables the students to think about their strengths and future. The workshops give students the confidence to speak up for their future. The sessions last for one hour and are weekly, lasting 6 weeks each. Approx. 10 students in each group, with the objective to build confidence, perspective and voice.

Impact: 100% of students said they felt empowered when they were in the position to ask for what they wanted to learn. The LVN intervention helped them gain an understanding of why learning, education and behaviour is important to fulfil their life goals.

Get involved: We will need 6 volunteers to speak at assemblies and a further 3 volunteers to take part in Amplify Me. All sessions are facilitated by LVN. To find out more, please contact

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Context: Across London there are 70 + Pupil Referral Units (PRU) which are specialist schools that house some of London’s most vulnerable youth. These children have been excluded from the mainstream and can have multiple behavioural and educational needs. Young people who arrive at the PRU are more susceptible to enter a pathway entrenched in crime. This includes gang involvement, prolific robbers, and habitual knife carriers. These are vulnerable young people who are trauma informed, highly vulnerable to grooming and exploitation we don’t need to wait for them to commit a crime, they are already in a place of need.

Intervention: LVN are partnering with the Metropolitan Police to deliver a special intervention. The 6-week intervention is designed to use mentors from a corporate partner to increase inclusion and change mindset. Mentors share their journey and inspire students to think about making positive steps for their future.

Our corporate partners sponsor a class and take them on a journey, sharing journeys and supporting student to complete our bespoke ‘My Future Journey’ work booklet. At the end of the programme, students are encouraged to present what they’ve learnt to their peers.

Impact: During LVN sessions engagement of students increased significantly. 100% of students said they felt empowered when they were in the position to ask for what they wanted to learn. The LVN intervention helped them gain an understanding of why learning, education and behaviour is important to fulfil their life goals.

Get involved: 6 volunteers required per 6-week intervention. Sessions are supported by teaching staff and LVN facilitators. To find out more, contact

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Context: Students at College are about to enter the workplace, often with little or no idea what to expect. We aim to bridge the gap between education and work by bringing the workplace into the classroom using our amazing mentors.

Intervention: Our corporate partners sponsor a class and take them on a journey, teaching them about the specifics of their industry and also pose a real-life business challenge for the class to solve. At the end of the programme, the class is invited into the offices of the business to present their findings. In some instances, our corporate partners offer work experience.

Impact: 90% of our students said their confidence had improved and they felt more able to speak to new and diverse people. 95% said they felt more work ready because of the programme

Get involved: To find out more, contact

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Context: Youth unemployment rates are at an all-time high. LVN deliver Power of an Hour in DWP. In each London borough there are at least 3000 18-24 yr olds in need of support getting into employment

Intervention: We run training courses that are 2 hours long for 3 consecutive weeks. Each training course is about getting ‘job ready’ for a specific sector eg. IT, Construction, Creative Services.

Each week a different mentor from that sector joins for the second hour of the session. They share their career journey, tips and hints and also support with CV writing and interview techniques. We provide session plans for the mentors and work books for the participants. All sessions take place online.

Impact: This programme has been hugely successful. Over 76% of young people who have attended these sessions are now in full time employment

Get involved: To find out more, email

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Context: Young people use technology to facilitate their education, social life and communication, but many are uncomfortable speaking with strangers over video conferencing software despite the increasing role it plays in our professional lives.

Intervention: As a youth charity one of our core missions is to be where the youth are. We have worked with youth charity Soapbox to develop a VR networking game where young people can learn networking skills and take them one step closer to being comfortable meeting people face to face online.

Participating is easy. Volunteers can simply access the LVN virtual world via their computers. They won’t need a VR headset and can participate via their normal computer webcam. The young participants wearing their VR headsets will navigate through the VR rooms to speed network with each volunteer who will be displayed on a wall.

Impact: 100% of youth participants thoroughly enjoyed the game and said that they learnt the importance of being open and starting conversations with new and diverse people.

Get involved: We need 6 volunteers to provide an hour at the same time. To find out more, contact

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