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Unlike traditional mentoring programmes, we only need volunteers to offer just one hour of time


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The Power of an Hour

It’s all about conversation and giving youth a chance. Your hour helps them to build confidence to start their own networks.  Once you are registered on our app we will send you a LVN session plan to help you prepare.

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What happens after I sign up?

First of all we will need to check your references and, once complete, you will be given access to log back into the app. From there, youth workers will make direct contact with you via the app and via email.  The LVN system is based on matchmaking and, as a result, you might not be selected straight away so please be patient!

One hour might not seem much

But collectively it makes a big difference. Ten hours from ten different volunteers can change a life path. LVN helps vulnerable young people to build up prospective and their understanding of longevity. Did you know that all young people find it hard to consider the long term? Get in touch to see our LVN psychology report.

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Giving more than an hour

On occasion adults giving an hour want to offer more; in order to do this you will need to register as an official volunteer with the centre.

What have I got to offer?

The young people you meet will be more intimidated by you that you could ever be about them. They are just finding out about the world.  You have knowledge to share, and we want every adult to get involved from those who have only been in work a year to those who have been retired for twenty! People from all backgrounds are getting involved you have no excuse!


Photo showing a volunteer with young people

Tips for Volunteers

Signing up is easy! Write your profile on the app and a youth worker will select you based on an interest match. Volunteers are matched via interests and location. Young people have varied interests so from train spotting, office admin to civil engineering get involved to match. Once you are booked we will send you session plans & tips.

Reference Checks

Ok – so, like us you are a regular good person and you just want to help! Occasionally an ill intended person might want to use LVN to harm young people. As a result, we ask you to provide a reference to clarify who you say you are and to provide a picture in order for us to know who to look out for. You will never be left alone with a young person. You can give 1 hour in 6 different youth centres, however if you want to offer more you will need to provide a DBS certificate.

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