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Have a real impact in just 1 hour
Join the volunteers, from film producers and plumbers, to marketing managers and self-employed IT professionals, who have given over 700 combined hours to inspire and support hundreds of young people across London. Everyone has a story to tell and skills to share!

Speak to a group or individual about

Your industry and how to get a job like yours
Your career journey, CV writing, filling in a job application, writing a personal statement, tackling homework, guidance on adult responsibilities and more. Your insight can help open doors and  demystify the world of work for young people.

What happens after I sign up?

The young people you will help

LVN practitioners work with young people to help identify their interests and areas for development. Requests are many and varied. Some young people are looking for very specific help with homework or interview preparation, whilst others are exploring their options and looking for advice and information on different industries and jobs. Above all, all are growing their confidence and life-ready skills with every hour they receive.

A wide range of young people participate in LVN programmes. Some are very vulnerable and disadvantaged, others less so. Many have experienced only negative interaction with adults through statutory services and educational or judicial institutions. For example, those in the care system, in pupil referral units, excluded youth or persistent truants. Others have chaotic home lives and are unused to adults listening to them and taking a positive interest.

There are also those who have completed degree courses and tertiary education but who lack confidence or have lost direction and need support to progress in their careers.

Reference checks

When you register you’ll need to provide two references. They will be automatically contacted via email and you can reduce delays by encouraging them to respond. If you haven’t heard from us, we are still awaiting or chasing your references. Check your spam folder for emails from

Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to log into your account and be invited to Power of an Hour sessions.

Finding a match

The nature of our support is deliberately youth-led, so you’ll receive an invite when a young person requests the support you can offer. This could take 5 days or in some cases much longer – but it will be worth the wait!

Make sure to select all the topics that you think you can help with and provide as much detail as possible your bio. You’re more likely to be invited to a session if your profile has a little personality!

Receiving your invite

An LVN practitioner will contact you via email to establish your availability. You can always decline an invitation if it isn’t convenient.

When a match is made you’ll receive information about the LVN host centre; the young people you’re likely to meet and a link to our session plan and guide to maximizing the hour you give.

Giving your hour

Relax, have fun and don’t worry. You are there to inform and help and for many young people it’s unique for someone to give their time to them. We know that 10 interactions  with volunteers outside their usual sphere of influence can be transformative. Every hour really does help.

Telling us how it went

After the session you will receive an email with useful information and our online feedback form. Please take a moment to complete this as your feedback helps us to improve.

Volunteer Again

You can volunteer 3 per centre over 3 months. If you want to give more than those 3 hours in that host centre, the LVN practitioner will request your DBS certificate.

Keeping everyone safe

Key safeguarding rules:

  • LVN practitioners are responsible for supervising Power of an Hour sessions at all times in both face-to-face and online sessions.
  • All contact between yourself and a young person must be via the LVN Practitioner, so do not give your personal contact details to any young person (this includes email, phone and social media) inform the LVN Practitioner if a young person gives you theirs.

The safety of young people and peace of mind of volunteers is very important to us. If you are ever concerned about anything before, during or after giving your Power of an Hour, please don’t hesitate to speak to the LVN practitioner from the session or contact LVN directly at

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