How to Feature your Opportunities

If you have opportunities, employment vacancies or support services suitable for young adults aged 14-24, you can promote them on the Local Village Network app for free.

Using our Signposting Application Forms, you can receive your own unique login, allowing you to easily upload, manage and promote your opportunities via our web-based portal. Once your application is approved, we will send you your login details and helpful information to get you on your way. Choose one of the three application options below:

Feature Youth Services

From youth, sports and theatre groups, to counselling services, mentoring and employability programmes, you can promote your youth services on the Local Village Network app for free. 

Feature Employment Opportunities

If you have a job, apprenticeships or training opportunity suitable for young people, particularly those looking for an entry level role, promote them on our app.

Feature Council Services

Work for a London borough council and wish to promote your department’s services, or discuss becoming the Special Point of Contact for your council?

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How we make outreach easier

How does the app work?

Opportunities on the LVN app are well categorised and filters allow users to find their desired opportunities and easily visit your website.

  • Job Opportunities
  • Explore Careers
  • Employability Support
  • Things To Do
  • Get Help
  • Education & Learning

At LVN, we know that the interests and needs of the young people we work with are varied and individual. We aim to reflect this on our app by reaching out to a diverse range of organisations. To this date, we have hundreds of organisations promoting opportunities through our service.

Featured on the lvn app 2

Featured opportunities include:

    • youth clubs
    • media companies
    • London councils
    • digital and IT businesses
    • creative and performing arts organisations
    • national charities
    • colleges
    • mental health organisations
    • sports clubs
    • and many more

Specialist Support: Supporting the most vulnerable is central to LVN’s mission. The specialist support section on our app features provisions that help those groups get on positive paths and access the support they need.

For young people leaving police custody, the LVN app is now a provided resource to highlight the support available to them going forward, including our mentoring support.

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