Volunteer Police Cadets

Develop your volunteering and personal development opportunities through the VPC. Have fun, exciting experiences and learn about policing.

Would you like to join the fastest growing uniformed youth group in the UK?

Volunteer Police Cadets are found in a growing number of cities, towns and communities across the UK offering great opportunities to young people aged 13 – 18 years.

It is our vision within our strategy that in the future we aim to achieve a seamless journey from 8 yrs to adulthood through the VPC.

We welcome cadets from any background, social group, gender, ethnicity, ability / disability and whether you have an interest in the police or not.

We welcome young people who may have previously been in trouble with the police or may feel some disconnection with their peers and community.

We are not looking to recruit future police officers, but want to give all young people a chance to be heard, support their community and develop skills to become fantastic citizens in a fun, friendly and exciting way.

There is nothing else like the VPC – it is a unique experience for young people to become part of the policing family for many years.

Benefits of being a cadet

  • Make new friendships
  • Take part in fun and exciting activities
  • Support your own community through volunteering and social action projects
  • Challenge yourself to learn and develop new skills
  • Gain an insight into British policing