Central YMCA Club

Central YMCA Club: Central London’s largest gym.

As part of the world’s largest youth organisation, helping young people to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives forms part of everyday life here at YMCA Club.

We believe that life is a journey, so we do everything in our power to support each child and family in their journey, making it as fun and engaging as possible.

As part of our youth membership programme, young people aged from 13 up to 18 are given the opportunity to develop their independence and actively seek healthier lifestyles.

We also accept Young Volunteers from the age of 13, where they can begin building an understanding of the professional environment whilst absorbing knowledge that will help them in their journey to adulthood.

The whole family can find something to do at YMCA Club, whether that’s the family swim or other events that are delivered throughout the year. Let’s all live healthier and happier!