East London & Essex Brahm Samaj

The Samaj today stands as one of the most active Brahm Samaj’s in Europe having organised various events on small and large scales, invited key guests and priests, organised trips in England and abroad and created a sense of belonging for the members of the Samaj.

Who are our youth activities aimed at?

  • Active involvement (Organising etc) – 16-30 year olds
  • Activities (Taking Part) – 10 plus
  • Join the Youth Committee – 18 plus, people under 18 will require their parents consent.

Breakdown of activities into 3 areas.

Social Activities

  • Mela/Fun days (BBQs, picnics)
  • Yoga & Dance
  • Theme Parks
  • Volunteering (Charity work)
  • Bowling
  • Trips (General Eg, Day, Cultural etc)
  • Educational Events (Help young people)
  • Sports (Football, Cricket etc)

Cultural Activities

  • Dancing/Music lessons
  • Holi event
  • Performance/show case events
  • Gujarati classes
  • Utrang – Kite flying
  • Diwali – Fireworks
  • Yoga – Both social and cultural activity
  • Religious talks (relating to topics for youth)
  • Religious day trips

Outdoor activities

  • Sports/Fun day
  • Paint Balling
  • Go Ape adventure park
  • Holiday Play schemes
  • Camping
  • Race for life (For women only)
  • Day Trips