Kingston Youth Shelter

It all starts with a safe place to sleep.

In Kingston and area, 1 in 3 homeless persons is a youth. Each year, we offer assistance to approximately 200 youth through a variety of programs – each with a different means of accomplishing the same goal: ensuring homeless youth do not become homeless adults. Our services are available to homeless or precariously housed (“couch surfing”) youth between the ages of 16-24. We provide youth with the acceptance, empathy, and support that they need in order to transition successfully into young adulthood. At Kingston Youth Shelter, homeless does not mean hopeless.

Youth who arrive at our doorstep come from all walks of life. There are many factors that may lead to youth homelessness such as: family conflict, poverty, trauma, abuse, oppression, immigration, mental health, disability, addictions, or conflict with the law. With guidance from the trained professionals at Kingston Youth Shelter, youth can overcome these barriers and move on to live happy, healthy lives.