Rugby Portobello Youth Club

Youth Club picks up from Children’s Services and takes older children (aged 13-19, or up to 25 if you have a learning or physical difficultly) through the next stages of their development.

The youth club operates in term time on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6.30pm-9pm.

In addition, the youth team also deliver a range of other activities over half term and the holidays, both on site in Walmer Road and off site, providing the opportunity for sports, trips to the theatre, residential courses and other off site activities.

The Youth Club programme aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help young people make a smooth transition from childhood through adolescence into adulthood.

All activities promote learning and wellbeing. All our young people are evaluated and development is tracked and encouraged.

RPT’s team capture the ethos of life: skills and attitudes learnt here can help young people to get and keep jobs, as well as to fit into and help the community at large.

You can register at the youth club via the form on their website.