Boxing Self-defence & Martial Arts

Shaolin Temple Culture Centre

Shaolin Temple Martial Arts and Cultural Centre (STCC) is a Traditional Chinese Martial Arts school teaching Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda (KickBoxing)  and Chen Style [...]

Carneys Community – Youth Programme

Carney’s Community is inspired by Mick Carney, the boxing legend who motivated and turned around many lives through engagement with boxing. We run a youth-led [...]


SURBITON BOXING CLUB is a community amateur sports club (CASC) that offers great training facilities and encourages members to keep fit and maintain a healthy [...]


Bozdag Taekwondo is one of central London’s finest Taekwondo clubs. Our club can guarantee you quality certified training that will keep you in peek shape [...]

Gumshield Boxing Gym

LONDON’S LEADING BOXING GYM Gumshield Gym was founded in 2001 by Steve Barrett to use boxing as a means of keeping people fit, whilst teaching [...]


WE ARE DEDICATED, MOTIVATED & ENTHUSIASTIC STRENGTH DISCIPLES We work with those who are not put off by hard work! We coach and inspire world [...]

Double Jab ABC

If you want box with us, you have an opportunity everyday of the week! Just come along to one of our classes! We believe everyone [...]

Crayford Judo Club

Crayford Judo Club is run entirely by volunteers and is registered with the National Governing Body (British Judo Association - Club Number 2618). Based at [...]

Senshi Karate – Greenwich

Senshi Karate was established in Greenwich, south east London in April 2016 by Sensei Frank Jennings to help fulfil his promise to his daughters to [...]

TKI Shotokan Karate

Welcome to TKI Karate Shotokan Karate: Had its beginning  in a small Japanese island of Okinawa where it was passed down from generation to generation by word [...]

Forrer Martial Arts Academy

We offer classes in Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA (mixed martial arts). The academy is open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday [...]

Pyramid Martial Arts

Lose weight, become fitter, learn to defend yourself and be more confident as part of a positive and winning team at Pyramid Martial Arts Our [...]

London Shodokan Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art and competitive sport. We are part of an international network of Shodokan Aikido clubs who follow the teaching of Kenji Tomiki, [...]

Kamon Wing Chun Kung Fu

Kamon Wing Chun was founded by Master Kevin Chan in 1992, and is built on the solid roots of Ip Man Wing Chun. It believes [...]

Kickboxing Defence Arts

At Kickboxing Defence Arts (or KDA) classes, you’ll learn Kickboxing, Self-Defence and Martial Arts. The hardest part is making yourself take the first class, after [...]

Taking Shape Association

Personal empowerment/development is a major focus for Taking Shape. Using elements paramount to Martial arts, Taking Shape endeavours to take skills such as, focus, determination, [...]

The Alan Winner Academy

At The Academy all these disciplines of Chinese Martial Arts are taught under one roof: Tai Chi, Qigong Meditation Wing Chun traditional Wushu International Shaolin [...]

Ealing Kung Fu School

An authentic martial art for beginners of all ages. Develop martial skill, learn how to defend yourself effectively, improve your health, longevity and self confidence. [...]

Stonebridge Boxing Club

Stonebridge Boxing Club was founded in 2010 by local resident Aamir Ali. Located in the once notorious Stonebridge park estates, the club is an active [...]

Double Jab Boxing Club

Since we formed four years ago, Double Jab Boxing Club, in the heart of New Cross has been changing lives. Our coaching goes beyond boxing [...]

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